Valentina Shevchenko explains her side of potential fight with Pena


If there’s one thing beyond doubt, Valentina Shevchenko is close to a UFC title shot. She has this in common with Juliana Pena, who also believes she deserves the shot.

Valentina is more than willing to face another opponent in the octagon to convince Dana White and UFC Matchmaker Sean Shelny that she is the true number 1 contender.  Shevchenko currently has a record of 2-1 in the UFC.

Valentina was on MMAjunkie Radio and commented “It’s a very historic moment for fighting, to fight in Madison Square Garden, if I need to prove one more time to get closer to the title shot, I will fight.”

Juliana Pena, through her management, decided not to take a fight with Shevchenko has she believed she was lined up for a fight with either ex-champ Ronda Rousey or the current Women’s Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes.

Rick Little, who is Juliana Penas long time coach explain that the fight with Valentina Shevchenko was never really a thing and believed there was never going to be a fight agreement to be signed. They were really hoping for a title shot

Pena’s longtime coach Rick Little, explained that a fight with Shevchenko was never on the table, and thus there was no bout agreement to sign. And with Rousey’s comeback plans not yet official, he still held out hope for a title shot.

“It’s not even open for discussion. Amanda on Twitter said she’d fight us. Amanda made it clear we are the next deserving person for the title.” Explained Little.

The rumours are that Rousey is due to return for the PPV on December 30th. If this is true, it’s hard to imagine Ronda not picking up the immediate rematch.

This does leave the like of Pena and Shevchenko a little on the sideline as far as a title shot is concerned.

“If I need to fight with Julianna at 205, I will do it, but if it’s at 206, I will do it again and do my best, I’ll show all my skills and more.”

Originally report by MMAjunkie